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How we service your life and your investments...FORWARD

Planning for retirement can be a challenging process, requiring the guidance of a financial advisor and investment vehicles such as individual retirement arrangements (IRAs), more commonly known as Individual Retirement Accounts. Our advisors at Global Asset Management Group will help you understand how using IRAs can help you plan for a more secure retirement by explaining:


  • Why taking personal responsibility for planning your financial future using retirement vehicles such as IRAs can be important depending on your specific situation. 

  • How the features and benefits of the two main types of IRAs- traditional and Roth- differ, and how you can determine which way may be right for addressing your retirement needs.

  • How IRA contribution and distribution rules vary depending on factors such as your income level, tax-filing status, age and the type of IRA you select.

  • How working with a financial advisor can help insure you attain the most benefit from your IRA.

  • 72 (t) Strategies

  • Net Unrealized Appreciation (N.U.A.). Planning & Implementations Strategies.

  • The advisors at Global Asset Management have experience in working with employees within the energy sector and understand the various retirement options of large corporations. 

  • Advisors that stay current with the PBGC (Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation) rate.

The advisors at Global Asset Management Group are here to help you plan, implement, and guide you to, through, and beyond your retirement life.

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