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Chad Babin


Investment Account Executive

Chad is an Investment Account Executive with Global Asset Management Group. Chad’s goal is to work with individuals and families and always consider the entire financial portfolio of his clients within the context of their ultimate goals and desired lifestyles. He employs facts and strategies to take a comprehensive and integrated approach to his clients’ financial lives and assist them to gain economic confidence. Chad helps them understand the importance of making strategic and educated choices, by focusing on the power of strong savings, cash flow, planning beyond retirement, and making consistent progress. He believes that understanding the beliefs, lifestyle, and goals of our clients will aid in building a strong, bright, and comfortable future alongside them.

Chad chose to join his Father-in-law, Tim Andreas, and the Family Business at Global Asset Management Group after working 20 years with AT&T to begin his own planning practice and incorporate a unique approach.

While Chad remembers life before the internet and smartphones, he was also a member of the generation that was first to adopt them. He can relate to both sides. As a member of the team, Chad works with professionals and working-class families that have children in helping them make truly informed, intelligent decisions around their finances. It is his goal to help all his clients, at every stage of life, to think differently about money by forming good habits. This is done by not only focusing on accumulating wealth but by protecting wealth simultaneously.

Chad and his wife, Candi, along with their three children, Keely, Ashton, and Everett, recently moved from Lafayette to Lake Charles. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, fishing, and being outdoors.


“We spend much of our lives chasing the things we would like to have we end up passing the things in life we need.” – Chad Babin

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